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Chen Xiu Huan returns to Star Awards Top 40 after 25 years

Also back on the list after a long time are Dawn Yeoh and Lina Ng, while Kimberly Chia makes her debut appearance

Chen Xiu Huan returns to Star Awards Top 40 after 25 years
Left to right: Kimberly Chia, Cynthia Koh, Chen Xiu Huan, Dawn Yeoh, Lina Ng

Left to right: Kimberly Chia, Cynthia Koh, Chen Xiu Huan, Dawn Yeoh, Lina Ng

When the Top 5 Most Popular Female Artistes accolade was introduced at the very first Star Awards all the way back in 1994, Chen Xiu Huan was one of its very first recipients, alongside Zoe Tay, Pan Ling Ling, Chen Li Ping, and Aileen Tan.

While her peers have since gone on to either ascend to the ranks of All-Time Favourite Artiste or continue to garner consistent nominations year after year, Xiu Huan dropped out of the race completely when she left showbiz to become a full-time mother.

Fast-forward to 2019, and the actress has made comeback after comeback with roles in Channel 8 dramas such as Fifty and Fabulous, Gifted, and Heart to Heart, as well as a few movies. Television isn’t the only thing she has returned to: for the first time since her one and only win a quarter-century ago, Xiu Huan is back in the running for another Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes trophy at Star Awards 2019.

Xiu Huan is not the only one making an appearance in the Top 40 after an extended period of time. Joining her are Lina Ng, Dawn Yeoh, and Cynthia Koh, whose last times as nominees were in 1998, 2009, and 2012 respectively. Lina has one win to her name (in 1996), Cynthia has two (1997 and 2012), while Dawn has yet to receive her first gong.

Kym Ng’s graduation to All-Time Favourite Artiste status leaves room for new blood to enter the competition, and that honour goes to Kimberly Chia, who returned to acting after a two-year stint as an SQ Girl last year.

Over in the men’s corner, we have another popular host who, if all goes well, is set to join Kym in the All-Time Favourite Artistes hall of fame, should he clinch his 10th trophy on the night of April 14. We are, of course, talking about Dasmond Koh, who is currently the proud owner of nine Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste accolades.

Jin Yin Ji, Xu Bin, Shane Pow, Jeffrey Xu, and Ian Fang are not in this year's race

A few notable absences from the tournament include veteran actress Jin Yin Ji (who made waves when she picked up her first award in over 30 years at last year’s show), as well as young actors Shane Pow, Ian Fang, Xu Bin, and Jeffrey Xu, who have been excluded from the Top 40 for the second year in a row.

On the bright side, we also see some familiar faces who are back in the running after not making the cut last year, such as Jesseca Liu (who is up for her seventh award), Jayley Woo (who is up for her third), Hong Ling (who is up for her first), and Zhang Yao Dong (who is up for his sixth).

Just like last year, this year’s Top 40 Most Popular Artistes is open to both Mediacorp artistes, as well as artistes who have worked with Mediacorp on a project basis in the last year. This list was derived from a poll done with 1,000 people representing a wide demographic across Singapore’s population (which was conducted independently by an accredited market research company), and will contribute to 50 percent of the final results. The other 50 percent will comprise of the telepoll and online voting.

Jayley Woo, Jesseca Liu, Hong Ling, and Zhang Yao Dong are back in the Top 40 after being excluded last year

Top 20 Most Popular Female Artistes
Aileen Tan
Bonnie Loo
Carrie Wong
Chen Xiu Huan
Cynthia Koh
Dawn Yeoh
Felicia Chin
Hong Hui Fang
Hong Ling
Jayley Woo
Jesseca Liu
Kimberly Chia
Lin Mei Jiao
Lin Pei Fen
Lina Ng
Paige Chua
Pan Ling Ling
Rebecca Lim
Sheila Sim
Ya Hui

Top 20 Most Popular Male Artistes
Andie Chen
Chen Shu Cheng
Chua En Lai
Dasmond Koh
Dennis Chew
Desmond Tan
Guo Liang
Lee Teng
Marcus Chin
Pierre Png
Rayson Tan
Richard Low
Romeo Tan
Shaun Chen
Terence Cao
Yao Wen Long
Zhang Yao Dong
Zheng Ge Ping
Zhu Hou Ren

Telepoll voting for the Star Awards 2019 Top 40 Most Popular Artistes commences today (Mar 7), while online voting kicks off tomorrow (March 8) at 12pm, and both will end on April 14, 8.30pm. The results will be announced live during Star Awards 2019.

The telepoll numbers for the Top 40 nominees will be announced at today’s press conference, so stay tuned for more!

Visit the official Star Awards 2019 microsite for more information.

Catch the Star Awards 2019 Walk of Fame on April 14, Sunday, 5.30pm on Channel 8/U and Toggle.
Catch the 2019 Star Awards Main Show on April 14, Sunday, 7pm on Channel 8/U and Toggle.

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