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Check Out Jay Chou’s $27mil Luxury Penthouse

Did you expect anything less from the reigning King of Mandopop?

Check Out Jay Chou’s $27mil Luxury Penthouse

Is anyone really surprised that Jay Chou lives in a two-storey luxury penthouse in Taipei that boasts an awesome view (“360 degrees!” says the Chinese media) of the city? Nope, didn’t think so. The Mandopop King reportedly shelled out NT$660mil (S$27mil) for his apartment, if we can call it that, and has been happily living there (when he’s not jetsetting around the world) with his wife, their two kids and one super lucky pooch. We’re not sure how other crazy rich Asians would look at Jay’s choice of real estate but since we read that it comes with a lobby that’s 18-freaking-metres high, we would say $27mil is a steal? ( P/S: Jay's also been known to splurge on his loved ones.)

His splashy abode made the news recently when Jay’s wife, Hannah Quinlivan, posted a photo of herself chillaxing with their pomeranian Machi on what we assume is their balcony. The same photo also showed off the much-talked about “360-degree” view and what appears to be a lawn. Yes, a grass lawn on their balcony, which Machi probably does his business on when no one’s home.

It’s one of those houses we can imagine living in if we’re a super-talented, super-rich and super awesome pop star. But for now, we can only look at these pictures and gawk.

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