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Charmaine Sheh may have to work over the New Year

But the script for her new drama was so good, she accepted the role anyway

Charmaine Sheh may have to work over the New Year

Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh attended a Lunar New Year event in Hong Kong on January 16. She shared that although she would love to be able to celebrate Lunar New Year with her family at home, she will most probably have to start filming her new drama with Huang Xiaoming over the festive season.

"I would have loved to have some time off, but the script was so good that I still accepted the role anyway," she said. "Plus, I know a lot of the crew members from Story of Yanxi Palace, so I think I will feel very comfortable on set."

Charmaine recently made a guest appearance on Nicholas Tse's cooking show Chef Nic and beat him in a cook-off. "He purposely let me win!" she laughed. "But I do enjoy cooking often. Seeing my family and friends finish everything on their plate always makes me very happy."

The actress then brought up the time she went to a hotpot restaurant for dinner, where she was asked by the boss to join a live broadcast. However, because the beauty filter was too intense, she did not recognise herself.

"That was the first time I saw such a filter and I was shocked!" she said. "I don't think huge eyes are suitable for everyone."

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