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Charmaine Sheh, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee & Sheren Tang To Reprise Roles In War And Beauty Reunion After 18 Years

Netizens marvelled that the stars have not aged since their 2004 hit TVB drama.

The day War and Beauty fans have been waiting for will soon be upon us.

After 18 years, stars of the TVB palace drama Charmaine Sheh, 47, Sheren Tang, 56, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, 53, will reprise their roles for a War and Beauty reunion on Chinese reality show Memories Beyond Horizon.

The acting competition, which sees stars revisiting their classic TVB roles, debuts Dec 17.

With its tales of palace intrigue and scheming consorts, War and Beauty was a hit when it first aired in 2004 and catapulted its stars to the A-list. It also starred Gigi Lai, Moses Chan and Bowie Lam.

It is often credited as the series that paved the way for palace intrigue dramas such as TVB’s Beyond the Realm of Conscience (2009) and China’s Empresses in the Palace (2011) and Story of Yanxi Palace (2018), and till today, it remains one of TVB’s most popular dramas.

So it's no surprise that fans got all excited and nostalgic when Maggie took to Weibo yesterday (Dec 11) to share snaps of herself dressed in character as palace maid-turned consort On Sin, as well as her thoughts on reprising her favourite role.

“After 18 years, I present to you On Sin, whom everyone loves from War and Beauty. There are too many emotions and mixed feelings… Because it is my favorite work, the opportunity for Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, Sheren Tang, and Charmaine Sheh to meet again in the universe feels like a miracle. Why do I feel that time has passed so quickly? Reality, dreams, existence in time and space are in a state of chaos. I just have one sentence: worth it,” she wrote.

Maggie (left) and Charmaine transforming into consorts.

Charmaine, who played consort Yi Sun, too shared pics of herself with her elaborate headpiece.

“Long time no see, Dong Ka Yi Sun,” she wrote.

Netizens couldn’t get over how the actresses haven't aged a bit since the drama.

There were comments like "No change at all”, “After so many years, On Sin is still so beautiful, and even more charming now" and “Please share your age-defying secrets”.

Really no change at all
Photos: Charmaine Sheh/Weibo, Maggie Cheung/Weibo, 士多啤梨唔系梨/Weibo



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