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Charmaine Sheh falls victim to excessive face-tune filters

The actress’s face was virtually unrecognisable, according to netizens

Charmaine Sheh falls victim to excessive face-tune filters

Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh recently guested on a internet celebrity’s video, when she stopped by a hotpot restaurant run by the said internet celebrity for a meal.

Shortly after Charmaine’s visit, the internet celebrity then posted a video together with the actress online, sharing that the actress had visited her restaurant. However, the face-tune function on the video was turned on to the maximum level, sharpening their faces and enlarging their eyes excessively.

In the video itself, after catching a glimpse of herself on the camera, Charmaine appeared to be shocked as well, taking a few steps back. After the video was posted online, netizens could not help but to comment, “Who is that?”, laughing that even Charmaine could not recognise herself.

A while later, a netizen, who had dined at the restaurant at the same time as Charmaine posted a snap of the actress without any filter, looking like her usual self. Though she was dressed in a simple black shirt, her features still stood out, garnering praise from her fans.

Charmaine also posted a bare-faced selfie soon after, with the caption, “Turn off the camera filter~ Turn off the beauty camera~ Turn off the face-slimming (function)~ Turn off the eyes-enlarging function~ My face-washing strategy (the phrase sounds similar to the title of the period drama, Story of Yanxi Palace, in Chinese),” seemingly in response to the video.

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