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Chapman To, Kristal Tin fall prey to the flu bug

Chapman revealed that his wife had spread the flu to him

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Chapman To, Kristal Tin fall prey to the flu bug

It’s flu season once again, and it looks like our favourite celebrities aren’t spared from it either. Over in Hong Kong, the flu bug has been making its rounds through the entertainment circuit, with actress Kristal Tin falling prey to it.

On Monday (January 21), the actress posted a picture of a medical certificate, as well as an array of medicine from the doctors’, sharing that she was ordered to stop work and rest for a day.

She then shared through a phone interview with the media that the symptoms of her flu had started appearing two days before, when she woke up with a scratchy throat. However, she did not think much of it, and left the house for work after consuming some vitamins. She then started filming for her drama, along with actors Johnson Lee and Iris Lam. But, by the time they started on the second scene, Kristal felt as if her whole body was sore. It was only when she checked her temperature that she realised that she was actually running a high fever.

Thus, she immediately requested to be excused from filming for the day, to rest at home. However, her fever did not subside overnight, even with the help of store-bought medicine. Instead, she spread her illness to her husband, Hong Kong actor Chapman To.

In the morning, the couple headed off to visit the doctor together and they were both officially diagnosed with the flu. After receiving an injection and medicine, their fever soon subsided, although they still have to rest for a day to recover their strength.

Photos: PBE Media

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