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Ch 8 Actress Seraph Sun Is Getting Married... And Moving To Tokyo!

And she's all ready to become a tai tai in Japan.

Ch 8 Actress Seraph Sun Is Getting Married... And Moving To Tokyo!

Is July the month of marriage announcements?

Yesterday, Korean stars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo made headlines with the news that they are getting married in end October.

Today, Ch 8 actress Seraph Sun, who’s played supporting roles in Peace & Prosperity and Dream Coder, told us that she'll be getting married to her Japanese boyfriend of two years, and will relocate to Tokyo after her wedding.

We speak to the 28-year-old to learn more about her husband-to-be, who's named Tomoyo (she declines to show us his photo) and their upcoming union.

Seraph had her wedding pictures taken in Yokohama in May.

8 DAYS: Congrats on the good news! How did you know your husband-to-be?

SERAPH SUN: My sister introduced him to me as they used to be colleagues and she felt that he’s a hardworking and responsible person. She gave him my Facebook account and asked him to contact me, and he did! (Laughs). He’s the same age as me, and he’s from Osaka, and he works in the IT industry.

How did he propose to you?

Well, he told me he was going to move back to Japan and I was very shocked as he was supposed to stay in Singapore for another two years. I asked him what was going to happen to us, and he asked for my hand in marriage there and then. I really wanted to be with him so I said yes, but I told him I expected a more formal proposal (laughs). So he introduced me to his parents in his hometown in Osaka last November and told them that he wanted to marry me. Japanese have a culture of proposing in hotels so when he took me on a staycation in a hotel in Osaka, I had a feeling he was going to propose there (laughs). We checked into the hotel, and towards the end of the night when I was about to wash up and brush my teeth, he came to me with a bouquet of flowers and a solitaire ring, and asked me to marry him, and I said yes (chuckles).

Tell us more about your engagement ring.
I was very shocked by the proposal ring as I told him specifically in the past that I didn’t want a solitaire ring. I wanted something flashier. Turns out that there's a culture in Japan, where people propose with a proposal ring and then purchase an engagement ring later on. So he proposed to me with a simple solitaire ring and we went back to the shop in Tokyo to choose my engagement ring. I got a ring that has one bigger diamond in the middle with two smaller ones at the side. I requested for a small diamond ring though. The one I have now is between 0.3 and 0.5 carats, and I really love it.

How do you know he’s The One?
It’s the moment when he asked for my hand in marriage, and I felt no fear, only sheer happiness. I said yes without thinking!

You are relocating to Japan after your wedding here on Oct 14 at Regent Hotel. Does that mean you will give up your career as an actress here?
Yes, it’s a pity. I feel very bad for my fans but it’s a choice I have to make. He also has his career back in Japan, and if I stay in Singapore, it would be very taxing for us both emotionally and financially for me to fly between Japan and Singapore frequently. I will try to find a job there but I haven’t thought about what I’ll do there for now. Perhaps I’ll egg him on to work harder and I can be a tai-tai in Japan! (Guffaws).



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