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Celebs who went back to school (after becoming famous)

Learning is a lifelong journey - even when you’ve already found success in your career

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Celebs who went back to school (after becoming famous)
To many people, returning to life as a student long after you’ve already entered the workforce can sound like a daunting task, but that certainly didn’t stop the following famous folks from going back to school to pursue their degrees (or higher), or simply to attain certifications in various skills and interests of theirs. After all, learning is a lifelong journey that never stops. P.S. Perhaps one of our New Year’s resolutions would be to endeavour to manage our time as efficiently as this ambitious bunch, or at least be as bold as them in their pursuit of knowledge. P.P.S. All the best to those going back to school! P.P.P.S. What do you reckon it was like being classmates with these people!? Read on for more...

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