Cecilia Cheung’s Mum Now Makes A Living As An Uber Driver

It’s also rumoured that Cecilia has cut off all financial ties with her family.

It ain’t easy being the sole breadwinner in the household.

And Hongkong actress Cecilia Cheung knows that all too well.

The 37-year-old mother-of-two has been supporting her family, which includes her divorced parents, her two brothers and her stepsister, since she stepped into showbiz at the young age of 18.

However, her income has reduced drastically over the past few years due to the lack of acting jobs in Hongkong after her sex scandal with Edison Chen surfaced in 2008. She also has to take care of her two sons Lucas, 10, and Quintus, seven, after splitting with actor-singer Nicholas Tse six years ago. Cecilia has since turned to appearing in variety shows in China to earn her keep.

Recently, it was reported that Cecilia was feeling bogged down by all the financial stress and she had taken to social media to air her grievances. In one Instagram post which has since been deleted, she said: “I don’t even have money to buy cosmetics and clothes for myself these days,”, and hinted that she would stop providing for her family.

cecilia cheung s mum uber
Uber cool: Davies Shally, the Eurasian mum of Cecilia Cheung, was spotted by Hongkong paps driving Uber to earn her keep. 

Without pocket money from Cecilia, her mum Davies Shally, 55, started working last year to make ends meet. She took on a bit role in Hongkong horror film The Cases 2 (2016), and went on to work as a cashier in a bakery earlier this year. After the cake shop closed down in July, Davies turned to driving Uber, ferrying close to 500 passengers in the past three months.

It's been reported that Davies is thriving as an Uber driver, and she has earned mostly five-star ratings on the app.

Who knows, we may end up getting a ride from Ceci's mum too the next time we’re in Hongkong.  


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