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Carman Lee Used To Weigh Herself Every Day; Says Her "World Crumbled” Whenever She Gained Weight

The actress also made mention of her past relationships, cautioning everyone that they shouldn’t "go crazy for love”.

Carman Lee Used To Weigh Herself Every Day; Says Her "World Crumbled” Whenever She Gained Weight

Much has been written (and said) about Hongkong actress Carman Lee’s gorgeous looks and fit bod ever since she stepped into showbiz in the ‘90s. 

The 55-year-old, who is often referred to as the ‘Most Beautiful Xiao Long Nu’, recently did a live stream on her Weibo, where she got candid about her anxiety when it comes to maintaining her youthful looks.

Though Carman was bare-faced during the stream, the actress’ skin was practically flawless — a fact that the hosts of the live stream quickly picked up on. Carman credited her perfect complexion to exercise, adding that she’s been dutifully working out for many years.

The actress stressed that the most important thing was to remain motivated, and to never give up.

Check out those abs!

Earlier this year, netizens had expressed their concern for Carman’s health, after pointing out that her collarbone appeared to be sunken in. However, it seems like their fears were unfounded. 

Carman shared that the most important thing was to “be at ease” with one’s looks.

“For example, I’m at home right now. I won’t put on make-up just for this live stream. You see, I’m bare-faced, with no need for make-up. Just like this, a sense of being at ease. Everyone will feel anxious when it comes to their appearance, I used to be like that too. However, you have to accept that you’re becoming older. I often say that people of different ages have a different beauty to them,” she said.

Carman went on to say that it’s important to “find a way to resolve your own anxiety” when it comes to looking good. 

All good, all food

She revealed that she used to obsess over her weight, and would weigh herself every day, without fail. 

“There was a weighing scale at home, and I used to weigh myself every day. If I put on 1 kilogram, I would feel as if my world had crumbled, and think that I had to eat lesser,” she said.

However, she’s since put this behaviour behind her, and has learnt to embrace her body, along with its changes and imperfections.

When asked if she had anything she wanted to say to her younger self, Carman laughed, before declaring: “Don't go crazy for love! And don’t live purely for the sake of others, but you can’t live just for yourself as well. If you only live for yourself, you’ll become selfish.”

Continuing on, she added that it’s important to pay more attention to your own feelings and mood.

“If you feel good, regardless of whether it’s about love, or other matters, you’ll go further [in life],” she said.

Who needs a Prince Charming anyway?

Carman was famously in a relationship with Hongkong businessman Martin Kwok for 10 years, from 1998 to 2008. She addressed their relationship in an autobiography she released last year, revealing that it took her five years to get over Martin.

Martin, who’s reportedly 20 years older than Carman, was a divorcee when they first got together. His business failed a year after they started dating. At that point, Carman was at the peak of her career, and took on multiple jobs in order to help Martin pay off his debts. Eventually, she left showbiz in 2004, after the businessman expressed his disapproval of her chosen career.

Her autobiography's titled 'Velvet Delphinium'

"He didn't want me to act, so I stopped work and stepped away from the limelight. He didn't like my brightly-coloured nail polish so I wouldn't apply any at all. He wished that I could dress more maturely, so I gave up the style I liked," she wrote in her book.

Unfortunately, their relationship was not meant to be. Although Carman had broached the topic of getting married a number of times, she was shot down by Martin each time. Their relationship was also tumultuous, with Martin often initiating breakups. Eventually, they split up for good.

Though she did not directly name Martin, it’s believed that she was referring to their relationship during the live stream.

“It doesn’t matter. After going through this experience, what has passed should remain in the past. There’s no need pay it any mind. I’ve learnt [from this experience]. It might be that the price I had to pay was a little steep, but it doesn’t matter. Am I not doing very well now?” she said.

Photos: Carman Lee/Weibo

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