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BY2’s Yumi files police report against masseur who molested her

The culprit was arrested soon after

BY2’s Yumi files police report against masseur who molested her

Singaporean singer Yumi, from the pop duo BY2, recently revealed that she was a victim of sexual harassment. She had come across a male masseur who took advantage of her during a massage session.

In December last year, the 26-year-old was at a massage parlour in Beijing, China, that she had often frequented. At that time, there was only a male masseur available. As she was too tired, she agreed to the massage. But, once they were in the massage room together, the masseur took advantage of her, and molested her.

At that time, she had wanted to end the massage immediately, but the masseur insisted on continuing with the massage. She added that she could not retaliate or fight back as she had opted for an oil massage. “How was I supposed to kick him? Furthermore, I was alone, how could I fight back against a male? If he were to lock the door (as a result of my retaliation), what was I supposed to do?,” she wrote.

After the ordeal, she confided in her friends, who encouraged her to make a police report, as the masseur’s behaviour was overboard. Yumi did not want to do so at first, as she did not want to make a fuss. However, in the days following the massage, she was unable to sleep well. As a result, when she returned to Beijing, she headed down to the police station to file a report, accompanied by her sister, Miko, and her manager.

“On the very day we made the report, the police made the arrest, and even handcuffed him, it was very scary,” she wrote.

The entire process, from filing a report to identifying the masseur in a police line-up, took ten hours.

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