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BY2 to compete in reality singing show judged by Stefanie Sun

The pop duo shared their reasons for wanted to “restart" their career

BY2 to compete in reality singing show judged by Stefanie Sun

Earlier last week, Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun was announced as a judge for the third season of upcoming Chinese reality singing show, The Coming One. In a teaser video for the show, Stefanie shared that one of the reasons why she decided to join the show was due to the fact that it would feature an all-female cast, including the contestants.

As it turns out, Singaporean pop duo BY2, comprised of twins Miko and Yumi Bai, will be one of the many contestants making an appearance on the show. The girls of BY2, who made their debut 11 years ago, were featured on the first episode of the show, which was broadcast yesterday (Jun 23).

BY2 competed under the ‘Restart’ category of the show, which aims to help established music acts stage their comeback in the industry. During their audition, Yumi ran into a small mishap when her in-ear monitor dropped out, but she did not panic, choosing to hold on to the in-ear while continuing to dance. As a result, BY2's performance ended smoothly without a hitch, earning them praise from the audience.

Later, as the judges were curious to find out why BY2 had decided to join the show, the girls were asked to share more about the reason behind their decision in an interview. It was then that they shared that the past few years had been their “lowest point” in their 11-year career, as they had been betrayed continually by the people they trusted, be it in their professional or personal lives. As a result, they felt almost abandoned by the people around them, which pushed them to join the show.

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