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The Bund Star Ray Lui, 65, Looks So Youthful In Recent Pics

At the same gathering with Ray was former screen beauty Rosamund Kwan, 60, who looked just as good too.

The Bund Star Ray Lui, 65, Looks So Youthful In Recent Pics

Hong Kong actor Ray Liu, 65, has been receiving plenty of attention for looking like he has essentially aged in reverse.

Ray recently attended a gathering organised by, according to Chinese media, “wealthy women”, and the pics show he has indeed kept up with his youthful and stylish appearance.

With him was f
ormer screen goddess Rosamund Kwan, 60, who also has been making headlines for her age-defying beauty. 

Though we are not sure how much editing went into the pics, many were impressed at how Ray looked just like “a young man”.

Looking really good in his 60s

Ray once shared his secrets to looking youthful.

Besides sticking to a healthy diet, he regularly does a form of exercise, which he created himself. He named it 'da mo hui chun quan' (
达摩回春拳), 'da mo' being a Buddhist monk who lived in the 5th century and 'hui chun' meaning 'a return to youth'.

He credits it for helping him stay in top condition, and judging from his pics, clearly work right?

Ray with his fellow guests, Rosamund Kwan (bottom left) and his wife, Yang Xiaojuan (in black)

Also with Ray at the 'wealthy women' gathering was his Chinese businesswoman wife, Yang Xiaojuan, 51.

The couple tied the knot in 2001. This is Ray’s third marriage. He wed actress Kathy Chow in 1988, but divorced just five months later.

In 1996, he walked down the aisle with singer Cally Kwong, but the marriage only lasted a year.

Ray and Xiaojuan have a 21-year-old son, Lui Sin Yeung, and often take to social media to post pics of themselves on vacation and being blissfully in love.

Ray once credited his wife for his S$200mil net worth. Thanks to her good investment sense, the couple now has stakes in an entertainment company, an advertising company, and a medical cosmetic center in Hong Kong.

And with Ray’s everlasting looks, it could be said that he is the best advertisement his cosmetic center needs.

Ray and Xiaojuan are known to be super loving
Here's one of their many vacation pics

Photos: HK01, Sohu

Catch Ray in The Bund on meWATCH, or watch the first episode of the mega-hit drama below.



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