BTS promise 'harder' record

BTS have promised their upcoming new album will be "better and harder" than people expect.

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BTS have promised their new album will be "better and harder" than people expect.

The South Korean group, which consists of V, Jungkook, Jimin, SUGA, Jin, RM and J-Hope, will release 'Map of the Soul: 7' next month and have told fans the record will exceed their expectations of what the band can deliver.

RM told E! News: "It's going to be whatever you're expecting it is but it's going to be better and harder."

The 'Boy With Luv' hitmakers have become a global sensation but insisted they can "never get used to" attracting such huge crowds, though they are proud to have a diverse following.

They said: "It's something we can never get used to... performing in front of thousands of people.

"It's all about love and truly transcends language, races, and nationalities."

The K-Pop superstars shared the first single from the new album earlier this month, emo rap song 'Black Swan'.

The new track - which follows the Suga-led interlude 'Shadow' - is accompanied by an art film performed by MN Dance Company.

The video features the words of dancer Martha Graham, who inspired the song, which is about their "fears that one day music will no longer be able to move or touch them."

Seven dancers depict a black swan "rising from the ashes of trial and hardship" in the unique and immersive performance.

As per a press release, on 'Black Swan' BTS "dive deep into their inner selves as artists and faces the shadows they had once hidden."

The description continues: "The song lends voice to their fears that one day music will no longer be able to move or touch them. The very moment they come face to face with the Black Swan within themselves, however, they are stricken with a paradoxical realisation that music is all they have. It is a confession of an artist who has truly learned what music means to himself."

'Map of the Soul: 7' is the fourth studio album for the 'Boy With Luv' hitmakers, and follows their 2019 chart-topping EP 'Map of the Soul: Persona'.


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