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Ex TVB Star Bowie Lam Shares Video Of Him Cleaning His S$8.8mil Home

The 56-year-old Hongkong actor reportedly has an impressive collection of fast cars too.

Ex TVB Star Bowie Lam Shares Video Of Him Cleaning His S$8.8mil Home

Former TVB actor Bowie Lam has been keeping a low profile in recent years. However, the 56-year-old occasionally shares snippets of his life on social media as a way to interact with his fans.

Recently, he posted a video of himself cleaning his home on Douyin.

“Life during the pandemic: Dog likes to sit on the floor, so [I] have to keep it clean and hygienic, as well as wash his feet. Besides eating healthy, exercise is also very important,” wrote Bowie.

What caught everyone's attention wasn’t his cute pooch but his wall of guitars in the background. Hanging on the wall were at least seven electric and acoustic guitars, eliciting comments like “What a collection" and “I didn’t know Bowie could play the guitar”

Such an Instagram-worthy backdrop

The guitar wall isn’t the only thing that’s impressive about Bowie’s home. 

According to reports, Bowie’s Sai Kung mansion, which he reportedly bought for around HK$50mil (about S$8.8mil) in 2017, is located near the sea and boasts impressive views of the surrounding mountains.

He once gave viewers of Chinese variety show Kitchen’s Secret a glimpse of his home as well as his trophy collection in his living room.

Bowie's Sai Kung mansion

Despite his riches, Bowie reportedly leads a simple and frugal life. 

He once revealed in an interview that he wears second-hand clothes and doesn’t spend much. 

His only weakness is for fast cars, and reportedly owns quite a number of sleek rides, including a HK$6mil (S$1.07mil) Lamborghini.

He's been seen with several luxury cars over the years

Like a lot of his peers, Bowie also enjoys investing in real estate and has such a keen eye for property that he has never made a loss.

Photos: Bowie Lam/Douyin, Bowie Lam/Weibo



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