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BFFs Yvonne Lim, Zoe Tay, Hong Huifang and Chen Xiuhuan = Friendship Goals

Yvonne Lim gave birth to her daughter Alexa in Taiwan recently, and her besties from showbiz were there to accompany her.

BFFs Yvonne Lim, Zoe Tay, Hong Huifang and Chen Xiuhuan = Friendship Goals

Who needs family when you have such good girlfriends? Local actress Yvonne Lim, 40, agrees with us. We speak to Yvonne, who's currently resting in a confinement center in Taipei.

8 DAYS: Congrats on your second child! How different was Alexa’s birth compared to AJ’s?

YVONNE LIM: It was much more difficult and challenging. The hospital rules in Taiwanare a lot stricter compared to Singapore where AJ was born, and they didn’t allow anyone else, not even my husband, to be in the delivery room with me. I was lying there alone and there was another woman giving birth next to me. We were only separated by a curtain and I could hear her screaming. It made me really scared so I started crying andshouting hysterically: “Give me the laughing gas! Knock me out!” It was so dramatic (laughs).

Your besties Hong Huifang, Zoe Tay and Chen Xiuhuan flew to Taiwan to keep you company. That’s so sweet of them.

I have no friends and family in Taiwan so Huifang offered to come and take care of me. Maybe she took pity on me (laughs). Zoe and Xiuhuan decided to surprise me by showing up at the last minute but I found out that they were coming as well ’cos Huifang sent me the itinerary with their names on it by mistake. She’s so blur (laughs). All of them were so nice, and they kept me company before and after my delivery. Huifang even slept on the sofa in the hospital for five days! She’d help me to the bathroom, fill my water bottle for me, and make me drink lots of water. Huifang is really like a sister and mentor. I really appreciate it and I feel so loved.

It was Huifang’s birthday last week. How did you all celebrate it in Taiwan?

Zoe, Xiuhuan and I planned a surprise for her. Zoe went out to buy Taiwanese street snacks and a birthday cake, while Xiuhuan bought a huge bouquet of flowers (see pic above) as instructed by Huifang’s hubby [Zheng Geping]. Huifang didn’t suspect a thing as she was in the hospital with me. We could tell that she was very happy with the surprise. She told us that this was the most interesting birthday celebration she’d ever had. We had so much fun and we chatted till 1am. I laughed so much that my wound started hurting! (Guffaws) It’s going to be Zoe’s birthday in a few days [Ed: Zoe’s birthday was Jan 10] and I’m planning to book massages for the three of them. Even though I can’t tag along, I want to do something nice for them.

Why the name Alexa for your daughter?

I wanted a name that starts with ‘Y’, like Yvonne, and my husband Alex suggested that I call her Yvonne Junior, which I refused! [Their son is called AJ, short for Alex Junior.] I went through a long list of names and was thinking of Yvette and Yoko but they didn’t feel right. I’ve always liked the names Alexis and Alexa but I was very reluctant to use those names ’cos I didn’t want Team Alex to become bigger (laughs). In the end, I chose Alexa ’cos I couldn’t think of another nice name.

Chinese New Year is coming. How will your family be celebrating it?

I’ll be in confinement. So sad! I love Chinese New Year, it’s my favourite holiday. No matter where I am during Chinese New Year, I’d always make sure I fly back to Singapore to have reunion dinner with my family. I can’t do that this year, so I told Alex that if there’s a next time, I don’t want to give birth near the CNY period! (Laughs). I can’t eat all the CNY goodies too. I think we’ll probably have a reunion dinner of sorts in the confinement centre.

When should we expect to see Alexa in Singapore?

Most probably the second half of the year. I can’t wait to go home! I really miss Singapore. Even though Alexa is born in Taiwan, I’m determined to make her a Singapore citizen. We have to get the paperwork settled on our next trip back. That’s for sure (laughs).



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