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BFFs Prince Chiu, Emma Wu are not each other’s type

One thinks the other is too thin, while the other thinks the other is not thin enough

BFFs Prince Chiu, Emma Wu are not each other’s type

Prince Chiu and Emma Wu attended a press conference for an MMORPG game in Taipei on June 20, where they showed off their close friendship of 13 years.

In recent days, Taiwanese hosts Aaron Chen (also known as Ah Xiang) and Cheryl Hsieh have been making headlines for their explosive affair. In his public apology, Aaron said that he and Cheryl have always been “good friends”, and acknowledged that he had “crossed the line” by cheating on his wife with her.

However, both Prince and Emma confidently stated that such a thing would never happen to them, as they are simply not each other’s type. “Prince prefers women who are thinner and more elegant than me!” Emma laughed. “The most we can be is bosom buddies.”

The singer-actress also added that Prince isn’t her type either. “He is way too skinny for me. How dare he make fun of my meatiness!” Her friend quickly defended himself, exclaiming, “When we worked together in our younger days, you still had your baby fat!”

Speaking of their previous collaborations, Emma shared that when she first starting acting, she was very nervous and made a lot of mistakes, but Prince was very helpful and acted like her mentor. However, he jokingly explained that the only reason he started to guide her was because he was getting impatient at seeing her have to re-do takes over and over again.

“I was still young then lah! I’m grateful for everyone’s patience and understanding,” Emma exclaimed, sounding embarrassed.

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