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Benny Chan And Wife Slammed For Not Letting Their Nanny Dine With Them, Wife Says Nanny Is Not There To “Enjoy Life”

This is not the first time the couple has come under fire for how they treat their nanny.

Benny Chan And Wife Slammed For Not Letting Their Nanny Dine With Them, Wife Says Nanny Is Not There To “Enjoy Life”

Hongkong actor Benny Chan, 52, and his wife Lisa Jiang, 36, have come under fire for allegedly disrespecting their nanny... again.

Just last year, the couple was slammed for saying they deal with leftover food by giving it to their nanny.

This time round, netizens have been calling the couple out for not letting their nanny dine at the same table.

One netizen even left a comment saying: “This couple’s household has way too many rules, they don’t respect their nanny at all, [she should] just quit”.

During one of their live streams, Lisa decided to hit back at the haters.

“I spend so much money to hire a nanny to work, not to come here and enjoy life. It’s easy to criticise from the sidelines, but we simply don’t have the habit of letting our nanny dine with us at the table,” she said.

Lisa continued, revealing just exactly how much she spends on hiring the nanny.

“We’ve always operated like that at home, it is not an issue of whether we respect her (the nanny) or not. My husband happened to bring this topic up while we’re eating so I’m taking this chance to explain to everybody. [Our nanny’s pay] is 20K yuan (S$4.1K) per month, and it’s considered pretty high in Shanghai. She has her own work to do, she’s my employee and an employee should look like one, and not take meals with [her] bosses,” said Lisa.

The happy family of six

Benny and Lisa, who relocated to Shanghai two years ago with their four kids, Elizabeth, 10, Cyrus, Isabelle and Victoria, often host live streams to share about their life in the big city.

In this particular stream, Lisa also mentioned that the prices of groceries have risen a whopping 30 times, and what used to be a 50 yuan (S$10) grocery bill now costs her 1500 yuan (S$308).

She then added that she feels as though she’s been “ripped off".

Earlier on, Lisa was also accused of ‘putting on a show’ when she hosted a live stream to distribute donation items she collected to smaller districts.

Photos: Sinchew News

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