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Bea Hayden's husband-to-be doesn't know what she likes to eat

He was grilled by Bea's sisters when he visited her family in Hong Kong

Bea Hayden's husband-to-be doesn't know what she likes to eat

Taiwanese actress Bea Hayden (also known as Hayden Kuo)’s upcoming wedding to Hong Kong actor Jacky Heung has been heavily covered by the media, with Taiwanese reality show Meeting Mr Right filming and broadcasting the lovebirds’ wedding preparations.

On September 5, the production team released a number of pictures of Bea trying on wedding gowns at a dress fitting ahead of the episode airing on TV.

In the pictures, the bride-to-be can be seen all dressed up in a number of white dresses. Fans couldn’t help but to praise the “fairy-like beauty” of Bea in the dresses, commenting that they can’t wait to see which one the actress will end up choosing.

In related news, preparations for Bea and Jacky’s wedding are well underway, with Jacky making a trip to Hong Kong to formally visit Bea’s family. In a short clip released by the show, Bea’s sisters decided to test Jacky’s love for Bea by asking him to name 10 dishes that Bea loves to eat.

However, Jacky only managed to name 2 correctly in his first attempt. With some help from Bea, he managed to pass his ‘test' on his second attempt.

Bea and Jacky first met on Chinese reality show, The Most Beautiful Time. Jacky proposed to Bea in March, eight months after they first started dating.

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