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Barbie Hsu rumoured to be pregnant with third child

She was rushed to the hospital after suffering an epileptic fit

Barbie Hsu rumoured to be pregnant with third child
Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu was rushed to Taipei Veterans General Hospital yesterday, causing filming for her variety programme, Be The Unique, to be cancelled. It was scheduled to take place today. The production team shared that she called in sick, and that she was “vomiting and having diarrhoea to the point where she can’t stand up properly”.

However, Taiwanese reports have stated that she also suffered an epileptic attack, which gave rise to the need for her to be brought to the hospital. They stated that she once had an attack when her workload was too heavy, causing her a great amount of stress, but noted that another fit was brought on when she was giving birth to her second child in 2016.

As such, rumours of her being pregnant with her third child have started circulating, saying that at the age of 41, the pregnancy could have been so stressful on her body that it caused the attack.

In response, Barbie’s mother stepped up to say that she was infected by her children, who were down with the flu. Barbie was unable to recover from the sickness, which caused her to faint. The host’s mother then stressed that there wasn’t any cause for concern, but declined to comment on the pregnancy rumours.

Barbie also issued a separate statement which said, “My condition really isn’t good right now. I hope that the public gives me time and space to recuperate – I’m really hoping that you’ll allow me this.”

Staff from her agency spoke to the media as well, sharing that Barbie has been feeling under the weather recently, and has thrown up to the point where she was only heaving up bile, and went on to reveal that this is not the first incident where she was forced to cancel her work commitments because of this.

Barbie tied the knot with her husband, Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei, in 2011, and welcomed her first child, a daughter, in 2014. Her second child, a son, was born in 2016.

Photos: PBE Media

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