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Barbie Hsu is pregnant with her third child

The actress confirmed the good news today

Barbie Hsu is pregnant with her third child
True to speculations, Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu’s

epileptic attack two weeks ago was due to her new bun in the oven.

The actress spoke to the media today and confirmed the pregnancy news personally. “Yes, I’m expecting,” she revealed, “I’m only seven weeks into my pregnancy, so it’s hard to confirm how things will go!”

The actress admitted that her pregnancy caught her off guard, as it happened barely a year after she decided to stop at two for health reasons. She even considered undergoing ligation surgery to prevent a third pregnancy.

Turning 42 this year, Barbie considers herself to be of advanced maternal age, and is worried that her body will not be able to carry the child to term. Nonetheless, she said she will leave everything to fate.

The actress suffered a similar epileptic attack when she was giving birth to her second child in 2016, giving rise to speculations that her relapse was due to stress from the pregnancy.

Barbie tied the knot with her Chinese businessman husband, Wang Xiaofei, in 2011. The couple welcomed their daughter in 2014, and their second child, a son, in 2016.

Photo: PBE Media

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