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Barbie Hsu Didn’t Change Her Mobile Number For 20 Years ’Cos Of Husband DJ Koo; Says He “Should Have Proposed” Then

It was all written in the stars.


Taiwanese star Barbie Hsu, 45, divorced her husband of 11 years, Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei, 41 in November last year. Since then, reports of Xiaofei allegedly cheating on Barbie has emerged. Meanwhile, Barbie reconciled with an ex-boyfriend from 20 years ago, Korean rapper DJ Koo, 53.

The couple registered their marriage in March this year, after a whirlwind courtship.

Back then, they shared in the media that the reason they were able to get in touch with each other again after two decades was ‘cos neither of them had changed their phone numbers.

Recently, Barbie and DJ Koo did an interview together, where they shed more light on their relationship.

Barbie and DJ Koo go way back.

According to DJ Koo, when he first heard about Barbie's divorce, his first thought was to try and dial Barbie’s number to comfort her. Though he was not expecting the call to go through, since it had been years since they last talked, he still plucked up the courage to call her from Seoul, where he was based.

To his surprise, Barbie had not changed her number, and picked up his call. DJ Koo shared that it felt like nothing had changed at all between the two of them, and that it felt like they were both transported back to the past, to the days where they were still together.

Barbie then revealed that she was really surprised when she saw DJ Koo’s name on her caller ID. She also felt a tinge of happiness and sadness.

“I've never changed my mobile phone number, to be honest, I might have deliberately refrained from doing so 'cos I was using this number when we broke up some 20 years ago. After we lost contact when he moved house, I just never changed my number,” Barbie said.

During their very first phone call, the couple chatted through the night, all the way until the sun rose the next morning. DJ Koo then went on to call Barbie again to chat every few days, finding something trivial as an excuse to keep in contact with her every time.

Happily ever after.

Barbie went on to say that they only saw each other's faces again through a video call after a few weeks. Her first reaction when she saw DJ Koo’s face wasn’t exactly positive though.

“Oppa, why have you become so old!” Barbie exclaimed, to which he replied: “You're so beautiful, how have you not changed at all!”. Smooth.

From then on, they begun to video call each other every day, reminiscing about the past, sharing tears and laughter. Finally, DJ Koo broached the question.

“Have you tied up the loose ends with your previous relationship? I want to come and visit you,” he said. Unfortunately, he was unable to do so, due to Taiwan’s strict Covid-19 visitation policy. And so, he decided to propose to Barbie, with a “let's become a family”.

“Why did you ask me this [only] when we’ve become so old? You should’ve asked me this 20 years ago!” Barbie said, recounting her reply to DJ Koo.

“Maybe, regardless of how many tragedies and sadness there are in my life, the ending will always be a happy one,” she went on to muse.

Photos: PBE Media, DJ Koo/Instagram, Next Weekly



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