Are Jerry Yan and Lin Chiling Getting Hitched In Bali?

They are reportedly a couple again after 11 years apart.

After months of rumours that they had gotten back together, Jerry Yan, 40, and Lin Chiling, 42, further fuelled the Internet’s speculation by hitting the gym together in Kuala Lumpur.

The duo, who dated for six years and broke up in 2006, had remained on good terms and kept in touch over the years. The Taiwanese media also frequently grilled them about the possibility of reconciling.

Just over the recent Singles’ Day (Nov 11) weekend, Jerry reportedly flew on a budget airline to Kuala Lumpur where Chiling was on a work trip.

He was said to have stayed at the same hotel as Chiling, and the couple was snapped at the hotel’s gym together.

hotel gym

After a Taiwanese paper reported that Chiling had confided in a close friend that she had “not yet” gotten back together with Jerry, Chiling’s management addressed the persistent rumours in a Weibo statement:

“Everyone's enthusiastic response does not reflect [Chiling’s] sentiments. If there is good news, Jiejie [which is what Chiling’s fans call her] will choose to be open and share her joy with everyone.”

Jerry also issued a statement, saying: “I am very happy to be re-connected [with Chiling] and there is a genuine connection.”

Obvious, or what?

Journos quizzed Chiling’s mother about The Reconciliation, to which Mama Lin replied: “If they think [getting back together] is a good thing, then I’m definitely okay.”

And marriage might be next on the cards for these two, with certain media outlets guessing that the couple will be holding their wedding in Bali.

Earlier this year in February, Chiling posted a snapshot of herself wearing a long white bridal-esque dress on social media with the caption: “I like the colour white”, causing fans to speculate that she was tying the knot soon.

Shortly after that post, Chiling also sparked rumours of a furtive romance when she stopped over in Tokyo en-route to Kagoshima, Japan for work, where she cabbed to a residential building in Roppongi alone and went to an apartment unit.

A man reportedly “about 1.8m-tall” [which is around Jerry’s height] opened the door for her, which certain news outlets triumphantly concluded must be Jerry Yan.


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