Are Bryan Chang and Nini Ouyang dating?

The actor shared that he “longs for a mature romance”


Taiwanese actor Bryan Chang, who shot to fame after starring in the hit movie More Than Blue, shared in March this year that he had broken up with his non-celebrity girlfriend. 

“Thank you. I wish you happiness and I will find my own happiness too,” he posted online, announcing his split. Though he did not specify the date of their breakup, Bryan’s friend later clarified that they had “broken up five months ago”, sharing that Bryan has been single since October last year.

Since then, Bryan and his The Haunted Heart co-star, Taiwanese actress Nini Ouyang, have been caught up in dating rumours multiple times. With Nini said to have broken up with her non-celebrity boyfriend, many suspected that a relationship was blossoming between the newly single co-stars. Last November, Bryan also shared a post online praising Nini for her professionalism and good character. 

On Wednesday (May 8), Bryan clarified that he broke up with his ex-girlfriend last August.

“We’re still friends. I’m thankful for her companionship and sacrifices in the past. Regardless of the outcome of a relationship, in the process, one will still gain something, and grow from it, to become better next time,” he wrote of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, requesting for the public to refrain from harassing her. He also added that filming for The Haunted Heart had taken place last August.

“In the days without love, towards everyone you meet, friends you’re able to strike up a conversation with, friends you can get along well with, you’ll harbour a heart that cherishes your connections (with them) and interact openly. As for the future, I long for a mature romance where we are able to grow together as well,”  he continued, neither confirming nor denying his relationship with Nini.

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