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Anthony Neely’s adultery case sees first court hearing

The Taiwanese singer was sued by his wife for cheating on her with Kris Kuan

Anthony Neely’s adultery case sees first court hearing
Taiwanese singer Anthony Neely hogged headlines in a negative manner after he admitted to his
frivolous ways with other women, despite being married to his non-celebrity wife, ViVi, for seven years.

At that time, ViVi confronted the 31-year-old singer about his infidelity, only to be told that he had cheated on her with multiple other stars who were “better in bed” compared to her.

Angered by Anthony’s brazen confession, ViVi recorded what he told her as a proof of his infidelity, and presented it in court as evidence when she filed for alimony during their divorce.

While the singer reportedly had sexual relations with many female celebrities and even hired prostitutes during his time in Singapore, he will be tried for his cheating episode with Taiwanese singer Kris Kuan, his co-star on a musical called ‘Qin Mian Er Nu’.

The first court session for the adultery case took place yesterday morning (Mar 14) without Anthony, ViVi and Kris.

Speaking on ViVI’s behalf, her lawyer presented several instances where Anthony personally admitted to cheating on ViVi with Kris, even specifying that they engaged in sexual activities several times in both Taiwan and America.

Based on these evidence, Anthony and Kris were asked to compensate NT$1 million (approximately S$44, 850) to ViVi for committing adultery.In response, Kris’s representative lawyer asserted that the case should be trialed based on Californian laws as that was

where the cheating took place.

Despite objections, the presiding judge for the case maintained that Anthony also cheated with Kris while in Taiwan, making adultery charges based on Taiwan laws valid. However, if the defendant insist on a trial based on Californian laws, they would have to testify with new evidence.

On that note, the session was adjourned, as the respective parties prepare for a second hearing due to take place on March 17.

Anthony’s career was previously revealed to be in the dumps after the news broke and the singer is currently jobless.

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