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$21K Dining Table & $33K Chandelier: Angelababy’s HK Apartment Has Really Pricey Furniture

Angelababy sure has an eye for home decor.


Can’t get enough of CNY visiting? Why not take a peek into Angelababy’s Hong Kong apartment, where the furnishings reportedly cost an arm and a leg?

Over the holidays, Angelababy returned home to Hong Kong with her son, where she was seen attending Blackpink’s concert, and eating fishballs at a street stall. But no, it’s not the 33-year-old’s down-to-earth snacking habits that has gotten the attention of netizens.

Rather, it’s these pictures the star shared to wish everyone a happy new year. You see, Angelababy had taken those pictures in her Hong Kong apartment’s dining room. And boy, what a luxurious dining room it was.

Well, some netizens couldn't help but to comment on how "over-edited" Angelababy looked in these pictures too.

According to eagle-eyed netizens, the crystal chandelier that hangs in the room is believed to be from French luxury crystal brand Baccarat.

Their chandeliers retail for a minimum of S$33,000.

Apart from that the star also displayed a couple of vases from the same brand. Prices for Baccarat's crystal vases range from S$740 to S$16,000.

Dripping in finesse.

But that’s not all. That unassuming round table that Angelababy’s perched on? It’s reportedly from French luxury design house Hermès.

Netizens shared that the table is an Hermès Metiers table, that retails for S$21,000. And of course, you can’t have an Hermès table without the matching chairs right? Each Hermès Metiers chair is priced at S$9400, and it looks like Angelababy has four of them.

Wonder if these flowers are extra expensive too.

Finally, these netizens also managed to identify the pink sculpture Angelababy shared in another picture, revealing that it’s a piece by Chinese sculptor Xiang Jing, as part of her 'I See Happiness' collection. Each sculpture sold for about S$1345.

Would you like to live here?

Photos: PBE Media



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