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Ang Junyang & Candyce Toh expecting their first child together

After five years of marriage, the former ‘Project SuperStar’ contestants-turned-lovers announced the good news on their Instagram pages today (Oct 12)

Ang Junyang & Candyce Toh expecting their first child together

After five years of marriage, Ang Junyang and Candyce Toh are finally set to become parents.

“Our family is expanding, with a new addition in 2016! Tuffy is gonna be an elder brother!” read their identical captions on their identical Instagram photos that were uploaded today (Oct 12) at around noon.

In the picture, Junyang is seen pointing happily to Candyce’s swelling belly as their golden retriever Tuffy sits contentedly between them. The showbiz couple met and fell in love as finalists on the first season of local singing talent show Project SuperStar in 2005 before tying the knot in 2010.

In a phone interview with Toggle, Candyce revealed that she is currently more than three months pregnant and that the baby is due to arrive in April next year. She began suspecting she was pregnant after she missed several days of her period. When self-conducted pregnancy tests came out unclear (such as uneven lines), they consulted an obstetrician for a confirmation.

While it is still a bit too early to determine the sex of the child, the mother-to-be admitted that she would prefer a daughter. However, her football fan husband wants a son so they can share his sporty hobby together. In fact, the Manchester United devotee has already started searching for children’s soccer uniforms for his little one to wear.

When we reached out to Junyang, he explained, “I get envious whenever I see my friends playing football with their sons! But it does not matter to me whether it is a boy or a girl.” He also hopes that his child will inherit its parents’ musical talents, which he will support by enrolling him or her into a musical academy.

The couple, who maintained a “let nature take its course” attitude when it came to conceiving, said that adding to their brood was always in their plans. But thanks to their long-distance relationship (Junyang is based in Taiwan as a freelance producer and songwriter), they were only able to succeed after five years.

Their advancing ages (Junyang is 34 and Candyce is 35) was also credited as a motivator. “We’re not getting any younger, so we decided that now is the time to try harder,” said Candyce.

Unfortunately, early pregnancy has not been very kind to Candyce, whose morning sickness can get so severe that she throws up everything she ingests, whether it’s food or water. As a result, she has only gained one or two kilograms.

Following her involvement in Channel 8 drama Hand in Hand (in which she plays 25-year-old Aloysius Pang’s onscreen love interest), Candyce disclosed that she has chosen to dedicate 100 per cent of her time to caring for the baby after it is born, and will not accept any new projects for the time being. However, she will still help out at Café Manuka, the restaurant run by her and her older sister.

One person Junyang was excited to share the good news with was old friend JJ Lin, who was a guest at their nuptials. So does this mean he took the opportunity to urge JJ, who was recently linked to a new mystery woman, to follow suit and settle down soon?

Laughing, Junyang replied, “No, we have never talked about this topic before. There are a lot of things that do not need to be said among us.”

Sadly, the father-to-be will be heading back to Taipei at the end of the month, and will only be able to return to Singapore early next year. However, he is not worried about leaving his wife at this time. “Candyce has always been a very independent woman and our family will take great care of her,” he assured us.



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