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Andy Zhang’s manager and alleged mistress’ online rant revealed

The Chinese actor is said to be divorcing actress Catherine Hung

Andy Zhang’s manager and alleged mistress’ online rant revealed

Speculation of celebrity couple Andy Zhang and Catherine Hung filing for divorce has gained traction in recent days.

Since July 2018, there have been reports that 38-year-old was cheating on his wife, and that his mistress was his manager, Bi Ying. At the time, Catherine stood up for him and declared that she has “full trust” in him.

However, the recent resurgence of divorce speculation has been met with silence from Catherine, who has also refused to make a statement about it. Her actions, however, have been analysed by netizens, who believe that the couple’s relationship has truly come to an end.

For starters, the Hong Kong actress has deleted numerous posts on her Weibo account. Those posts were either photos of herself with Andy, or declarations of support for his work. The only two photos that she has which includes him are group photos, which include others in the shot.

In addition, netizens have started circulating posts allegedly made by Bi Ying, whom they have labelled as a home wrecker.

One such post read, “I’m really hurt. When will you call it quits with her and belong to me? I don’t want to see her by your side any longer. I know that I’m very selfish, but can you just let me be selfish for once in my life?”

In another post, she wrote, “I’ve loved him for three years and put myself at a disadvantage for three years. I don’t need anything except for him to love me. He said that he would divorce her and marry me, but how many more years do I have left? I’m really tired of this.”

The author was also criticised for other comments that she made, including one where she called Catherine ugly, mocking netizens who think that she is pretty.

Andy has yet to comment on the divorce rumours, and his label has only admitted that it was true that Bi Ying went to his hotel room, where the pair spent hours together alone. However, they said that this is “completely normal”, refusing to elaborate more on the matter.

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Andy Zhang to divorce Catherine Hung after affair with manager: Reports

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