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Andy Zhang to divorce Catherine Hung after affair with manager: Reports

This is not the first time that the actor has been linked with his manager

Andy Zhang to divorce Catherine Hung after affair with manager: Reports

Celebrity couple Andy Zhang and Catherine Hung are reportedly on the verge of getting a divorce.

Rumours of Andy cheating on Catherine have been circulating since July 2018, with reports alleging that he was having an affair with his female manager, Bi Ying, and was physically abusing his Hong Kong actress-wife.

Catherine stood up for her husband, declaring that the rumours were false and that she has full trust in him.

Nine months later, similar rumours started circulating once again as Andy was revealed to have given Bi Ying his hotel room key, and that she had visited him in his room on multiple occasions, where the pair would stay alone for an extended period of time. In addition, they were also seen behaving intimately in public, sitting shoulder to shoulder at dinner sessions and exchanging long gazes.

This time around, Catherine has not defended her husband as netizens believe that she has finally realised that he is no longer the man that she believed she had married. Some of her recent posts on social media, including one where she explained how you should be a clever woman, included subtle hints such as the 48-year-old musing that she “has been too stupid all this while”.

When asked about her marriage at a recent event, she responded with a curt, “We’re talking about happy things now, so let’s not talk about this.” At press time, Andy has yet to issue a statement about the speculations.

The couple started dating in 2004 after filming the movie I Do together. At the time, their relationship was frowned upon by many of Catherine’s fans, as the actress was much more famous than her beau. On top of that, she is a decade older than him, which raised questions of his motives behind dating a more successful celebrity.

Despite the public’s disapproval, the pair eventually got married and have a daughter together.

Catherine previously dated Hong Kong idol Max Mok, and has a son, Ashley, with him.

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