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Andy Zhang denies having an affair with his manager

The actor revealed his intention to take legal action in a statement refuting said reports

Andy Zhang denies having an affair with his manager

10 days after reports first emerged claiming that Chinese actor Andy Zhang was cheating on his wife, Hong Kong actress Catherine Hung, with his manager Bi Ying, the actor has finally spoken up with regards to the accusations.

Last Saturday (April 20), Andy posted a statement on his work studio's Weibo, denying each accusation in detail. Additionally, he also shared that all the false reports have since been complied together as evidence, and forwarded to his lawyer. A lawsuit has also been filed with the courts.

The statement then went on to break down and clarify each accusation that had been reported in the media. The actor’s manager, Bi Ying, was said to be in a relationship with Andy, and was also photographed leaving Andy’s hotel room with a pregnancy test in her hand.

However, Andy shared that the “pregnancy test” that was in Bi Ying’s hand was actually the key card to the room. Additionally, the duo only have a working relationship, and are not romantically involved with each other.

As for the reports claiming that “Andy colluded with Bi Ying to transfer shared assets and money to a separate account, leaving Catherine with no choice but to borrow money from friends to survive”, Andy shared that they were definitely false. He shared that he has no house nor car registered in his name. Additionally, anything that he earns is given to Catherine to handle.

He also shared that the pictures of Bi Ying entering and exiting his hotel room in different clothes was the result of malicious editing. Additionally, as the two of them often have to discuss upcoming work projects together, they are unable to talk freely in public, as the content of their conversations are confidential.

Andy explained that as an actor, it is common to work till the wee hours of the night and it is therefore not surprising that Bi Ying sometimes enters his room at odd hours. Additionally, Bi Ying had cleaned his hotel room for him in order to “protect his privacy”, as they rarely ask for chambermaids to tidy up.

The Weibo account that had gone on a rant against Catherine, and lamented on the woes of being a mistress was initially suspected to belong to Bi Ying. However, Andy revealed that Bi Ying has never had a separate Weibo account, and that the account was the work of a malicious individual. “We’ve since asked our lawyer to look into this,” the statement wrote.

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