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Andy Lau ‘challenges’ Donnie Yen to a duel

The actor wants to fight with his co-star at least once

Andy Lau ‘challenges’ Donnie Yen to a duel

Hong Kong actor Andy Lau is set to star in the upcoming Hong Kong-Chinese action crime film, Chasing the Dragon, alongside martial arts actor Donnie Yen. In a recent press conference in Guangzhou, he joked that he “really wanted to have one fight with Donnie.”

Andy will reprise his role as corrupt police officer Lee Rock from the 1991 film series of the same name, after 26 years while Donnie plays the gangster Crippled Ho.

“I was initially very nervous to play the same role that I did when I was younger. However, after looking at the storyline and Donnie’s character, I decided to take it,” said Andy.

The 55-year-old actor also had nothing but praise for his co-star, complimenting that his roles in various martial arts and action movies left a deep impression on him. He also felt that Donnie’s skills were very unique and joked that if his body could handle it, he would “fight him.”

Andy also added that Donnie was very professional and no doubt an experienced actor, where he would politely go along with it even if there were changes to the script.

When asked why it took so long for the pair to star in a movie together, Andy cheekily said that director Wang Jing had to “earn enough money before being able to hire two of us.”

It was revealed that Donnie was a little hesitant about playing the role of a villain at first as he did not know how to explain this to his children. He only decided to accept the role after a few months of consideration after seeing how challenging it was. However, the 54-year-old mentioned that playing the bad guy was tougher than usual and decided he would not take on more villain roles in the future.

This would be Andy’s second action movie following his return to showbiz after a hiatus where he was recovering from injuries after a fall off a horse.

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