Andy Hui, Jacqueline Wong rumoured to be having affair

A dashboard camera recorded a video of a couple making out at the back of a car

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Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong have been reported to be having an affair. The reports have shocked many as Andy is married to Sammi Cheng, while Jacqueline is dating Kenneth Ma.

An undated video released online by Hong Kong media outlet Apple Daily of a couple making out at the back of a car has been circulating the internet. Andy’s face is clearly visible in the video, while the woman’s outfit is said to match the one that Jacqueline wore on the day that the video is said to have been taken.

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Apart from kissing numerous times, the pair also behaved intimately as they held hands, leaned close to one another and hugged one another in the 16-minute video.

There has been no statement from either party at press time, but Jacqueline has since turned off the comments section on her personal Instagram account.

Photos: PBE Media, Apple Daily


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