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And The Favourite-est All-Time Favourite Artiste Is....

They're all icons.

And The Favourite-est All-Time Favourite Artiste Is....

... Zoe Tay!

After a week of intense voting with Zoe and Rui En exchanging places on the top spot right until the final hours, and more surprises in the daily standings than we had expected, it was the reigning Queen of TV sealing her status as Singapore's Favourite-est All-Time Fave.

In second place is Ice Princess Rui En, followed by Singapore's most internationally renowned TV star Fann Wong in third place. Coming in fourth is local TV's first ah jie Xiang Yun while everyone's favourite acting powerhouse Huang Biren takes the fifth spot. One could say that this is a list of Singapore showbiz's most iconic queens, an A-list of A-listers, if you must.

But back to Zoe aka The Favourite-est of All Time. We broke the good news to the Ah Jie this morning and she was ecstatic, to say the least.

8 DAYS: Congrats on winning our Favourite-est All-Time Favourite Artiste award!
ZOE TAY: Thank you! I’m quite surprised at the results ‘cos there are so many All-Time Favourite Artistes on the list now. I’m very happy and excited to win this. I want to thank my fans as they’ve always been very supportive and enthusiastic. I haven’t been competing in the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award for so many years already, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t continue to work hard. I have been in this industry for so long, I hope to always improve myself and show new things to the audience.

For the whole week, you and Rui En were going head-to-head for the top spot. Did you expect your fans to prevail over hers?
I didn’t think so much about it. I am sure other fans would hope for their idols to win, so I don’t want to create any conflicts among the different fan clubs. I’m very happy that Xiang Yun made it to the Top Five! I didn’t see her name there in the first few days, and I was so glad to see her name yesterday. After all, she is an iconic figure in local showbiz.

How would you feel if this Favourite-est All-Time Favourite Artiste poll becomes an official award every Star Awards?
Huh? Don’t lah, don’t lah, no lah. (Laughs). It’s very unfair if we do this, as some artistes are no longer with the company, and some of them, like Xie Shaoguang, aren't even in the industry anymore. It’s very unfair right? Don’t you agree with me? Some artistes were very popular during their time, and we shouldn’t pit them against each other now (laughs).

It’s the Star Awards this Sunday. What have you been doing to prep for it?
I took up this 30-day Bikram Yoga challenge and I’ve been trying to go for hot yoga sessions every day. It’s pretty intense and challenging ‘cos I’m not a regular yoga practitioner. I didn’t go for yoga today as I don’t feel too well, but luckily, I went for two sessions yesterday. I’m halfway through the challenge now, and I hope I can complete it! I think it’s pretty good. I feel happy, and I think my body is more toned now, just in time for Star Awards. I’m satisfied!

You are nominated for Best Actress again this year. Are you confident about winning?
I won’t dare to say whether I want to win or not. I’m happy to be nominated, and if I win, I’d say it’s a bonus. I guess my chances of winning are 50-50 (chuckles).

The Star Awards airs live this Sunday at 7pm on Ch 8.

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