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Alex To, 60, Called Out For Being Over-Reliant On His 36-Year-Old Wife

Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Alex To, 60, Called Out For Being Over-Reliant On His 36-Year-Old Wife

The new season of hit Chinese reality show Call Me By Fire 2 has been feeding us with lots of interesting facts about its star-studded cast. 

First we learnt about Ron Ng's sleep-deprived TVB days and Raymond Lam's obsession with his own reflection. Now we're finding out about how needy 60-year-old Alex To is.

The oldest contestant but probably the youngest at heart?

While Alex is the oldest contestant this season, the singer is definitely no "big brother".

In fact, he's quite the opposite. He even admitted that he's used to getting taken care of by others as he was the youngest in his family. Also, during his heyday as a pop star, he had a team of people looking after his every need. 

In a recent episode where Alex was appointed co-group leader with Chinese rocker Zheng Jun, instead of spearheading the discussions with the latter, Alex ended up sitting by the sidelines and following instructions like a regular group member.

The reason? He prefers to let others take charge.

"Zheng Jun has many ideas about our performance, he's very steady so I don't have to worry 'cos there's someone for me to rely on," confessed Alex.

"I'm no longer a sole leader and I don't have to deal with all the problems by myself anymore. Now we have a team who can support one another and make up for each other's shortcomings, I feel very secure." 

If there's someone for him to rely on, why not?

And it seems Alex is exactly the same in his marriage to his 36-year-old filmmaker wife Ice Lee.

Apparently, no matter what challenges Alex is faced with, he always turns to his wife first for advice, leading netizens to nickname him a "Qi Bao Nan" (or "wife's baby").

Yet while some netizens think that Alex is a "pampered child" who's "over-reliant on his wife", some feel that it's adorable how the singer is "still so childlike despite being in the industry for 40 years."

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