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Aimee Chan Makes Acting Comeback Alongside Hubby Moses Chan; Says Their Kids Asked Moses To “Go Out And Work” So Aimee Could Stay Home Instead

Do their kids prefer mummy to daddy? 


Hong Kong couple Aimee Chan, 41, and Moses Chan, 51, who are starring together in a drama for the first time in 10 years, recently attended the lensing ceremony for their drama, Romeo And His Butterfly Lover. The last drama the couple worked on together was 2012’s The Last Steep Ascent.

The drama will also be Aimee’s first acting project in eight years, after she took a break from filming to focus on her three kids with Moses —  Aidan Joshua, eight, Nathan, seven, and Camilla, five.

Apart from finding it hard to get back into the groove of things, and figuring out how to act alongside her husband, Aimee had one other obstacle in her way.

The actress and Miss Hong Kong 2006 winner shared at the lensing ceremony that her three kids were really, really, against her decision to return to filming.

Looks like it's Aimee over Moses for their three kids.

“They really didn’t like it, they even told their daddy to go out and work, so that mummy could stay home. My second son [Nathan] even said: ‘Mummy, when I come back, I want to see you in the kitchen’,” Aimee said.

After hearing Aimee’s words, Moses then joked: “They're really so traditional, they’ve inherited my traditional values.”

Aimee with her daughter Camilla.

The couple went on to share more about working together, recounting an instance when the filming crew was nice enough to allow them to end filming early when their daughter, Camilla, fell sick.

“When our daughter fell sick, and our sons were not feeling well too, we were both at work, but the production team was very nice, and allowed us to knock off immediately. They waited for us to settle everything, before returning to the set, so we’re really grateful to them,” Moses said.

Power couple.

Aimee also shared more about how it feels to return to acting after such a long break.

“'As I have to play two roles for this drama, a male character and a female character, I needed time to get used to it. And I have to act opposite Moses as well, and I find it so hard. After all, he is my husband in real life, so I worried over this for so long, since I didn’t know how to act opposite him. I was so nervous when filming,” she said.

Moses added that he was worried as well.

“I didn’t tell her that I didn’t know how to act [opposite her] as well. The two of us are very honest with each other, and we don't have secrets between us. And so, we needed time to adapt. We used the characters and the plot [of the drama] to help push us along, so that we could gradually get into character,” he said.

Catch Aimee in TVB drama Forensic Heroes III on meWATCH here, or watch the first episode below.

Photos: PBE Media, Aimee Chan/Instagram



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