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Ada Choi, Max Zhang’s commercial worth doubles as a couple

Ada Choi and Max Zhang prove that two is indeed better than one

Ada Choi, Max Zhang’s commercial worth doubles as a couple
10 years ago, when Ada Choi decided to marry her longtime boyfriend Max Zhang whom she had been dating for close to five years, their union was not looked upon favourably.As one of the most bankable Hong Kong actresses, Ada, 44, was thought to be “too good” for him while Max, 43, had just started his career as an actor after being a stuntman for years, plus he was one year younger than her.

After two daughters and 10 years of marriage, they are now deemed as a “model couple” in the eyes of the public. Their positive images have helped boost their commercial worth, especially if they attend an event together as a couple.

The celebrity couple even took on their first film together in March this year, where they played a pair of star-crossed lovers.

According to Hong Kong media, Ada commands HK$300,000 (approximately S$52,000) per appearance and although Max does not have as many commercial engagements, when they are invited to grace an event together, their appearance fee as a couple costs a cool HK$600,000 (approximately S$100,000).

Ada and Max are not the only celebrity couples that come with such steep price tags.

TVB couple Moses Chan and Aimee Chan used to command HK$150,000 (approximately S$26,000) and HK$50,000 (approximately S$8,700) respectively per appearance but after they got married and had kids, their commercial value as a couple more than tripled to HK$500,000 (approximately S$87,000) for a one-hour appearance.

Similarly, Tavia Yeung and Him Law are another celebrity pairing who have benefited from their union. Prior to their marriage, Tavia and Him each commanded HK$60,000 (approximately S$10,000) and HK$20,000 (S$3,500) per appearance but that figure increased exponentially to HK$200,000 (approximately S$34,000) after marriage.

No wonder Tavia once said she hopes to “take on more jobs” with her husband.

Photos: PBE Media

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