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Aaron Yan hits back at bully in viral video

“Education is not a measure of EQ or culture.”

Aaron Yan hits back at bully in viral video

Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan has always been an advocate for anti-bullying campaigns. The 33-year-old previously revealed that he was bullied badly back when he was in school, and that it took him seven years to work through the trauma from it.

Recently, a video showing a male student berating his roommate for being “too feminine” went viral in Taiwan. Many condemned the actions of the bully, who was heard spouting a number of sexist and derogatory remarks.

Aaron was one of the many people who shared their disapproval of the bully’s actions, writing, “This is why I have always asked everyone to stand up to bullies, and prioritise education on gender equity (Ed’s note: In Taiwan, gender equity education includes teaching against the discrimination of members of the LGBT community), so that we can have a more cultured society that accepts and respects each other.”

He went on to share that education is not a measure of one’s EQ or culture, writing, “(I’m) embarrassed to hear (the bully’s) words in the video. The reason why I was able to watch the video until the end is because I’ve personally heard words that were even ruder and more insulting. But this is not something to be proud of, I only feel helpless and hurt. I don’t wish for schools and workplaces to be flooded with people who hurl abuse and berate others out of ignorance like this. Let us all reflect on this.”

In other related news, yesterday (September 25), Aaron posted a private message conversation he had with a netizen on social media who asked, “Hi, can I ask if you’re gay?”

In reply, Aaron wrote, “Hi, can I ask, how is that your business?” and captioned the post, “A failure in gender equity education.”

Late last year, Aaron’s ex-boyfriend went to the media, accusing Aaron of three-timing him. Aaron later admitted that the accusations and ensuing media coverage and speculation about his sexual orientation had affected him negatively.

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