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Aaron Kwok Thanks Fans On 32nd Anniversary Of His Classic Song 'Loving You Forever'

Three more years and the song will be eligible to apply for a BTO as a single buyer.


Say it isn’t so. Has it really been 32 years since the release of Aaron Kwok’s classic song, ‘Loving You Forever’ ('对你爱不完')?

On Sep 25, the 56-year-old took to social media to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of the song with a heartfelt post.

“September 25 1990 might just be an ordinary day for many people, but to me, it’s a very meaningful day. On this day, I released 'Loving You Forever' and I officially had my own album, and kickstarted my acting career from there. To be able to sing, dance, [and] act, is something that is endlessly joyful for me,” he wrote in his caption.

Aaron also went on to share a couple of pictures of him on-stage, including this picture of the album cover for ‘Loving You Forever’, bringing everyone on a trip down memory lane.

A fresh-faced Aaron.

“The 32nd year! Thankful to my loving fans, who’ve always given me support, both tangible and intangible. I’m also grateful to everyone who’s given me encouragement and praise, filling me with the strength to continue forward on this path,” he wrote.

These days, it seems like Aaron's practically inseparable from his shades.

The singer-actor then ended his post with a promise to everyone, pledging to remain active on-stage for as long as possible.

“I'll promise to keep moving forward with the heart of a rookie, to give my all on each and every stage. Be it 'Loving You Forever', or 'Never Ending Love' [a tribute song Jay Chou composed for Aaron in 2010, as a nod to Loving You Forever], they all hold the same tacit understanding between me and everyone. They’re our eternal theme songs, and my motivation to keep progressing. Thank you for all your love! It’s so good to have you guys [with me]!” he wrote.

The OG dancing king.
Always a classic.

Photo: Aaron Kwok/Weibo



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