Aaron Kwok Just Married A Woman Whose Father Grew Up Listening To His Songs

Father-in-law calls new son-in-law 'Big Brother' too.

Heavenly King Aaron Kwok, 51, and Chinese model Moka Fang, 29, got hitched at a low-key 10 table banquet at The Peninsula Hong Kong last week after dating for less than two years. He’s the last of Hongkong’s Four Heavenly Kings to get married. Even though rumours are rife that Moka is two months pregnant, Aaron has remained silent on that matter. Instead, his longtime manager Leung May May told reporters: “I didn’t ask him. He will say what he has to at every stage. If I really knew Heaven had given him a gift, I would say." So... she is pregnant lah? 

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The bride: The Shanghainese model, who’s based in Hongkong, had her first taste of stardom in 2012 when she joined a matchmaking TV show in China. She was then known as Ai Lisi and had introduced herself as an accountant. She also revealed that she has had six relationships in the past. Later that year, she released a pictorial book Shining Moka, which contained many photos of her in skimpy swimsuits. She then appeared in a raunchy online show Girls Apartment, which was inspired by Sex and the City. It was also rumoured that Moka had worked as a nightclub hostess in Guangzhou. Neither Aaron nor Moka has shared when or how they met, but he reportedly proposed to her in December last year.

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The venue: Aaron’s manager says the happy couple picked The Peninsula as it was where Aaron had held his 50th birthday party two years ago aka the same year he made clear his wish to get married and start a family. On their wedding day, the couple had arrived at the heavily-guarded hotel via helicopter. The media were also completely banned from entering the premises. 

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The entourage: Actor Julian Cheung, choreographer Sunny Wong and fashion mogul Sham Kar Wai, who own the I.T brand, were amongst Aaron’s band of brothers. Of the 100 guests were Julian’s wife, actress  Anita Yuen and ’90s screen goddess Chingmy Yau, who’s married to Kar Wai. 


The wedding shoes: An excited Moka had let the cat out of the bag the morning of her big day when she Instagrammed this photo of a pair of red Roger Vivier shoes. Given that red shoes are traditionally worn by brides at Chinese wedding ceremonies, it led to speculation that the wedding was going to be held on the same day. 

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The ceremony: The couple held a Chinese tea ceremony before the banquet. Both groom and bride reportedly teared after exchanging vows. Aaron gave a speech thanking his mum for raising him. Moka’s dad also reportedly told Aaron: “Big brother, when I was a child, I grew up listening to your songs. Now I'm giving my daughter to you. I hope you treat her well." Um, just how young is Moka’s dad? 

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