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M’sian Singer Shares TikTok Showing His Freezer Filled With Stacks Of Cash

Ariff Bahran has said the video was “for fun” but many netizens failed to see the funny in it.

M’sian Singer Shares TikTok Showing His Freezer Filled With Stacks Of Cash

Last week, Malaysian singer Ariff Bahran posted a video showing the inside of his freezer and how it was filled with (literally) cold, hard cash.

The short clip, which was shared on TikTok, first saw the singer saying he was hungry as he walked towards his fridge to open the door to the freezer compartment.

Instead of food, the freezer was filled with stacks and stacks of cash. The singer could be heard saying: "Eh? Where did this come from?”

He then picked up stacks of RM50 and RM100, only to stuff it back into the crowded freezer. “Okay lah, put it back, [I’m] full already," he said.

While Ariff meant for the video to be a joke, netizens did not see the humour in it. 

The TikTok has garnered over 100K views as of press time, with many expressing their distaste for it, criticising the singer for “showing off his wealth”. 

“Are you involved in money laundering?” questioned one netizen, while another wanted to know why Ariff “didn’t just keep his money in a bank”. You know, like any other regular person. 

In response to the backlash, Ariff said he had “never expected his video to blow up” the way it did. 

“People don’t pay as much attention when I share my songs, but when I share things about my personal life, many are interested in it. They have many opinions particularly when it comes to videos with silly content,” he said. 

When speaking to Malaysian news portal mStar, Ariff shared that he only filmed the video “for fun”. He also said he stores his money in the bank, and only keeps cash on hand for times that he needs it. 

He added that he has explained the origin and purpose of the cash to his fans, though he did not elaborate on said explanation.

Ultimately, Ariff is unbothered by the hate he has received. “If [I] feel hurt because of the criticisms and opinions of netizens, it simply means that I don’t understand how social media works,” he said. 

According to the singer, besides attracting views with his TikTok, it has also provided him with an opportunity to help others in need. It led him to understand the plight of netizens who aren’t as well off, and says that he will lend a helping hand to those who require it. 

“I was once in their position before becoming a singer. I will help as many [people] as I can, but I don’t want to reveal too much about it,” he said.

Photos: Chinapress, Ariff Bahran/ TikTok, Ariff Bahran/ Instagram



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