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50-Year-Old Kevin Cheng Is Going To Be A Dad Again

His 28-year-old wife Grace Chan is pregnant with their second kid.

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50-Year-Old Kevin Cheng Is Going To Be A Dad Again

What a way to celebrate ‘I Love You Day’. May 20, or 5-2-0 or 'Wu Er Ling', which sounds a lot like ‘I love you’ in Chinese, is a day where Chinese netizens often share mushy declarations of love to their significant others. Some netizens also choose this day to go public with relationships they’ve been keeping under wraps for a while.

However, one of the most sweetest announcements made today came from Kevin Cheng, 50, and his wife Grace Chan, 28, who confirmed that they are expecting their second child.

Rafa’s going to be an older brother soon! I’m so happy to announce on May 20 that our family will have a new addition soon. I’m so thankful for my husband’s tender loving care during this period of time, and also to my friends who helped me keep my secret,” Grace wrote on IG. “I hope the baby will be as healthy and lively as [Rafael] (…) I really think Rafa is going to be an amazing big brother. Don’t you agree?”

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