Which Came First: The Chicken Or The Egg? 8 Egg-citing Dishes To Start Off 2017

What better way to herald the Year of the Rooster than by sussing out an egg-cellent array of poultry and egg specialty dishes served up by the eateries in Wheelock Place? By doing that and getting a chance to win $400… to eat even more.

While the debate about whether the chicken or the egg came first has perplexed philosophers and scientists, the question the foodie is more likely to be concerned with would be: which is more delish – the roasted chicken or the eggs benny? Starting this week, we’re recommending some of the best chicken and egg dishes across nine Wheelock Place eateries, so you know what to order to win prizes really worth, er, crowing about. In this instance, we can tell you which comes first – you enjoy the chicken (or egg), then you’re on way to becoming one of the 8 lucky winners (scroll down for details).


#01-K1 TEL: 6776 0777

Just opened in early Jan, the outdoor all-day dining restaurant is well known for their wholesome Western favourites: think classics such as Eggs Benedict ($15) with smoked leg ham and house-made bacon, and a simple yet satisfying Lemon and Thyme Roasted Chicken with mushroom sauce (half-chicken, $18). But their Asian classics also pack a punch. The Singapore Traditional Chicken Curry ($16), made with bone-in chicken leg, waxy potatoes, tomatoes and coriander, is a satisfying bowl of rich flavours and unctuous textures. Served with steamed rice or baguette, it is a moreish one-dish meal that will make you belly happy. To complete your dining experience, order a specialty cocktail, take a seat in their breezy al fresco terrace, and just relax.

HOW EGG-CITING? Hearty flavours, daily happy hours from 5pm – 9pm, and a sidewalk frontage perfect for people-watching – it’s the place for post-supper drinks on Saturday and lazy Sunday brunches.

lemon and thyme roasted chicken
Lemon and Thyme Roasted Chicken

Wicked Kitchen

#02-19 TEL: 6684 0980

A casual restaurant serving an array of east-meets-west dishes, Wicked Kitchen’s extensive menu is indeed cruel temptation to the weight-watcher. One of the signature dishes here is the Sautéed Fresh Crabmeat and Egg with Beansprouts and Mint Leaves served with a Chilli Dip and Rice Paper Wraps ($18). Get hands-on and roll your own wraps. Each mouthful is a combination of bright flavours. Those with a big appetite will love the dish of juicy Golden Fried Breaded Chicken Sandwiched between Hash Waffles and served with an Apple Maple Sauce ($18). If you still have room for sweets, there are also plenty of inventive desserts to end your meal with.

HOW EGG-CITING? Having a mix of Asian and Western-style poultry and egg dishes means more egg-cellent options for us.

saut%C3%A9ed fresh crabmeat and egg with beansprouts and mint leaves with chilli dip and rice paper wraps
Sautéed Fresh Crabmeat and Egg with Beansprouts and Mint Leaves with Chilli Dip and Rice Paper Wraps

Starbucks Coffee

#B1-01 TEL: 6884 3424

Starbucks has just refreshed its breakfast offerings this month, and there are plenty of chicken, egg, and chicken and egg options to wake up your appetite. Even better, nine items in the menu, including the Turkey Bacon, Tomato and Egg Croissant Bun ($5.90), can be purchased as part of a breakfast set with a tall-sized Starbucks coffee for $7.50. Other versions in the new croissant bun range: a savoury garlic chicken sausage, kale frittata and cheese stack, and a chicken ham and gruyere cheese combo. The Turkey Ham, Egg White and Cheddar Sandwich ($5.90) and the lightly spiced Egg White, Mushrooms and Roasted Peppers Wrap ($5.90) deliver a protein-packed punch to kickstart your day.

HOW EGG-CITING? With 17 breakfast items to choose from, there’s enough variety to keep things interesting.


turkey bacon  tomato and egg croissant bun
Turkey Bacon, Tomato and Egg Croissant Bun

Good cluck winning $400 worth of dining vouchers!

8 lucky winners can each walk away with $400 worth of dining vouchers from Wheelock Place! Simply order a chicken or egg dish at any Wheelock Place F&B outlet, snap and post a photo on Instagram. Remember to tell us what and where you ate, hashtag #wheelockchickenor8 and set your account to public. 

Each set of prizes includes dining vouchers from Bangkok Jam, Central Hong Kong Cafe, Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe and Wicked Kitchen.

Contest closes on Feb 19, 2017. Winners will be announced via @wheelockplace on Feb 24, 2017.

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