If the pretty girl boss of Froroll looks familiar, it's probably because you've seen her on season two of Ch 8's Campus Superstar, where she emerged runner-up, or on television commercials and web series like iRock. Keely Wee Shi Kai has since traded her acting and singing chops for her first love - desserts.

"I've had a passion for baking since I was 14. I was supposed to become a teacher but I realised that I wasn't cut out for it, so I went into marketing and got a job creating websites," explains the bright-eyed 27-year-old. Then the economy tanked and Keely found herself at a loss as to what to do. "That's when I thought maybe I should pursue my childhood dream of opening a dessert café."

It's a good thing she had plenty saved up from operating online businesses and her showbiz gigs. She roped in her boyfriend and started the youthful, Scandinavian-esque dessert café located in the MacPherson area. "I chanced on a YouTube video of ice cream rolls being made in Thailand, and I thought, 'these look pretty but there's room for improvement.' So I decided to incorporate ice cream rolls to my passion for baking and that's how the menu was born."

At Froroll, Keely serves ice cream rolls, made by pouring the custard mixture on a steel chilled counter, scraping and chopping it with what look like paint scrapers as it starts to solidify, and then scraping the resulting ice cream into a roll. The rolled ice cream is served on toasted hot dog buns, which are then topped with slices of cheesecake and strewn with things like cookies. Everything except the buns are made in-house, and you can see Keely and her crew make the ice cream rolls on the cold counter.

Check out the gallery above to find out what to order – and what not to – here.

#01-26 The Venue Shoppes, 2 Tai Thong Crescent. S347386. T: 9776-5727
Open daily 11am-11pm. Last orders 10.30pm. www.facebook.com/FroRoll.sg

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