Don't expect soulful Rhythm & Blues beats to pulsate from this bubble tea stand. Instead, R&B stands for the initials of the Taiwanese owners, Rex and Bruce, who missed bubble tea from home while working in China and decided to venture into the bubble tea arena. 11 years later, over 500 R&B outlets have sprouted up in China and Vietnam.

In Singapore, foodcourt operator Koufu has partnered R&B Tea to operate outlets here. Barely one month after its opening at Marina Square, R&B Tea has opened a second outlet in Toa Payoh.

The drinks line-up here is similar to those in China with more than 30 tea-based concoctions ranging from fruit-loaded brews, macchiato tea capped with oolong tea-infused milk foam or cheese cream, pearls, to multi-coloured tea concoctions swirled with yogurt and milk. 

Click arrow on the right for our pictorial review of the drinks here. 

Two outlets including #04-101/2 Cookhouse by Koufu, Marina Square, 6 Raffles Blvd. Open daily 10am to 9pm.

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