The folks behind modern Taiwanese street food-inspired pop-up eatery Five Ten have pulled off what most budding restaurateurs dream of — they’ve spun their well-loved temporary joint into a bustling restaurant called The Salted Plum. Perhaps its popularity has something to do with its prices — most things on the menu go for $5 and $10 (hence the name of their pop-up along South Bridge Road that ran for six months last year).

Head chef Shawn Koh, 30, who cut his teeth at restaurants like Salted And Hung and Pizzeria Mozza, serves the same Taiwanese-style small dishes that he did at Five Ten. So there are things like lu rou fan (braised pork belly and rice) and Taiwanese sausages, but re-interpreted in creative ways or to suit the Singaporean palate.

Shawn is quick to point out that the food he serves is not traditional Taiwanese fare. “We would never be able to do that,” he said. “And, when we ate at street stalls in Taiwan, we found that their style of seasoning is very different from what we are used to [in Singapore]. It tends to be sweeter there. We tried to take what we experienced and implement it in our own ways, sometimes giving it a fusion touch,” he adds.

Photos: Chee Yan

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