Fake Shake Milo Dinosaur The Ideal Indulgent Circuit Breaker Drink To Whip Up

Sinfully good.

Remember the freak shake? It was reportedly created at Patissez Café in Canberra, Australia, and comprise mason jar mugs filled with milkshake and overloaded with all things indulgent, from donuts and pretzels to cookies, fruit and brownies.

Often, it makes for much better Instagramming than it does actual drinking/eating. But that’s only because you’ve never whipped up your own Milo Dinosaur Fake Shake. It’s like your regular Milo Dinosaur on steroids — think of it as Milo “gao” with lots of delightfully crunchy, chocolatey bits on top.

To make this shake, you essentially get your hands on any Milo products you can find. Like ready-to-drink Milo in packets, the powder, the ice cream, the chocolate nuggets and the cereal, all of which can be bought in most supermarkets. We also heaped on more snacks like rolled chocolate wafers and Pocky. ’Cos, in a fake shake, more is more. Warning: though super simple, this shake is messy work — both to make and to drink. So line your table with newspaper to minimise clean-up.

Serves 2


2 cups  Milo ice cream
1 cup  Milo drink (in packets), chilled
1 canister whipped cream (you won’t use it all)
¾ cup  Milo powder (in tin)
1 packet  Milo Nuggets
¼ cup  Milo Breakfast Cereal
2 to 4  rolled chocolate wafers
2 to 4  chocolate Pocky sticks


1. Place the ice cream and Milo drink in a blender and blitz till smooth. Pour into two glasses or mason jars.

2. Spray on some whipped cream over each Milo shake in a circular motion to form a curly heap.

3. Using a small sieve, lightly dust spoonfuls of the Milo powder over the whipped cream and then gently place the nuggets and cereal onto the Milo-dusted cream.

4. Stick one or two chocolate wafers and Pocky sticks into the shakes. Serve immediately.

(This story first appeared in Issue 1360, Nov 7, 2016)


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