Coconut Oil “Kaya”

No-cook "kaya" with unrefined organic coconut oil for a more wholesome breakfast spread.

In this no-cook wholesome raw “kaya”, you get all the rich, fragrant flavours of kaya without the sugar and coconut milk. You could also throw in a banana or two into the blender while whipping up this spread (the bananas will give it some “body” and make it easier to spread), but you’d have to consume it within the day. Take note that coconut oil solidifies naturally when chilled, so allow this kaya to thaw for a bit and give it a good stir if you’re storing it in the fridge, before smearing it on toast.

Makes about ¾ cup


1 tbsp pandan extract*

10 tbsp organic cold-pressed coconut oil, slightly chilled so it is solid but scoop-able

1 small pinch of salt

4 tsp gula melaka syrup (try Singlong brand)



Place all the ingredients in a small blender and blend till smooth. Serve spread on toast. This “kaya” will keep for a week in the fridge.

*To make pandan extract, feed 8 to 10 young pandan leaves (choose the lighter green leaves) through a slow juicer. If you can only find dark green leaves, which are older and contain less juice, you’ll need about 20 leaves instead. You can also use a blender (chop the leaves and add a bit of water), and extract the juice from the leaves via a cheesecloth.

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