Your Favourite Childhood Snack Yan Yan Gets An Atas Upgrade

'Premium' tiramisu and matcha Yan Yan, anyone?

Remember those cheap and cheerful Yan Yan biscuit stick snack cups from your childhood?

Japanese confectioner Meiji has rolled out a posher version of everyone's favourite mama shop snack.

Not content with just the usual chocolate and strawberry options, the biscuit ‘dipping’ cream now comes in two ‘premium’ flavours — Tiramisu and Matcha.

meiji premium yan yan

The biscuit sticks also get a makeover; they’re a luxurious dark brown with a cocoa flavour, and tastes a tad like, ahem, good quality chocolate.

Our vote goes to the coffee-tinged Tiramisu flavour (the Matcha one just tastes like regular green tea-flavoured cream swirled with a bit of chocolate).

It's almost like dipping biscuits into actual tiramisu, though folks who don’t have a sweet tooth will find this too saccharine. Still, a fun riff on an old fave. 

Available year-round for $1.70 each at all major supermarkets.

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