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You Can Now Eat Ramen King Keisuke Takeda-Approved Nissin Instant Noodles

At $3.55 for five packets, this is perfect when you’re too broke to splurge on ramen at a restaurant.

You Can Now Eat Ramen King Keisuke Takeda-Approved Nissin Instant Noodles

Nissin partners with ramen king Keisuke Takeda to roll out two instant ramen flavours.

Keisuke Takeda, the Japanese ramen chef who has opened a hugely successful chain of ramen concepts here including Tonkotsu King, Lobster King and the crab-centric Kani King, is now offering instant ramen.

He has partnered Japanese food manufacturer Nissin Foods for two instant ramen flavours: Kyushu Black and Uma-Kara Spicy.

The Kyushu Black flavour features a creamy broth infused with roasted garlic oil, while the Uma-Kara Spicy offers a Sichuan pepper-loaded creamy broth.

Nissin's instant ramen are made in Indonesia and MUI-certified halal (MUI is the Indonesian version of MUIS here). The creamy broth contains no meat, and is made with a creamer ingredient.

While neither flavour is exactly new-to-market (we’ve tried the old version and found it just so-so, with insipid soup), it’s the first time we’ve seen Nissin collaborating with a celebrity chef to tweak its noodle recipes. Think of this as a new-and-Keisuke-improved recipe.

Each pack of five single-serving packets costs $3.55 at Fairprice supermarket, and contains a lucky scratch card which entitles you to a free bowl of standard ramen, or a ramen egg, or a soft drink that you can redeem at Ramen Keisuke’s outlets island-wide.

A comically large cardboard standee of Chef Keisuke, with his distinctive ponytail, adorns the display of noodle packs at Jem’s Fairprice supermarket. It proudly proclaims that the noodles were “supervised by Ramen King”.

Keisuke’s marketing rep explained that the chef was consulted for the instant ramen soup recipe, “and noodles as well, but this is instant ramen [so there isn’t as much input required].”

There are also two other non-Keisuke-endorsed flavours offered under Nissin’s instant ramen range, Hokkaido Miso and Tokyo Shoyu.

Need some help with a recipe? Keisuke-san offers four recommended recipes, which you can find on Nissin’s website. And here’s his 8 DAYS-exclusive guide to making gooey-yolked ramen eggs.

Nissin’s instant ramen range is available at all major supermarkets and Don Don Donki outlets.



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