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Which Japanese Castella Cake Should You Buy From Tokyo?

We sampled a few and tell you which ones are worth precious luggage space.

It’s holiday season again. If you’re visiting the foodie Mecca that is Tokyo, you’ll definitely want to buy some goodies home. Besides ebi crackers, mochi and cookies, we like to grab a castella cake or two from one of the city’s numerous depachika (department store basement food halls) heaving with anything and everything good to eat. Why buy a castella cake when you can get it in Singapore, you ask? Well, Japanese castella cakes (called “kasutera”) are nothing like the jiggly Taiwanese-style ones that are eaten warm here. Instead of being rustically puffy, sometimes cracked on top, and often oozing cheese — the neater Nippon version is so perfect looking it’s almost unreal.

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